Research projects

We have compiled a list of ongoing and completed research projects.

Also there is several projects our senior researchers are a part of, that you will find in their bio’s. See also complete list of Modum Bads Doctoral dissertations from 1985.

Ongoing projects Completed projects

Ongoing projects:

Moment, occupational therapy for young adults with depressive disorders.Ingunn Bjarnadottir Solberg
The Norwegian COVID-19, Mental Health and Adherence Project (MAP-19)Omid V. Ebrahimi
Critical Incidents and Psychological Adaptation – The CIPA StudyOmid V. Ebrahimi
The Norwegian COVID-19 Mental Health and Adherence Project – Mental morbidity trajectoriesXinkai Du
Feasibility and Effectiveness of an Intensive 2-Week Intervention with Group Attention Training for Young Adults with Mixed Anxiety DisordersTherese Ruud Snuggerud
Complex PTSD Project at Modum BadPeter Sele
The emotionally distressed couple in context and as context: Exploring predictors such as socioeconomic status and emotional processes in couples therapy.Joanna Rzadkowska
Experiences of Psychoeducative Group TreatmentIngunn Holbæk
Do couples and families with histories of trauma need tailored therapy?Kristoffer J. Whittaker
Improving the Effectiveness of Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Developing a Personalized Advantage IndexKarine Frost
Monte Nido network analysis projectMaren Kopland
Mechanism of change in Compassion-focused therapy and Cognitive-behavioural therapy in the treatment of eating disorders with and without childhood traumaMaren Kopland
Longstanding eating disorders and personality disorders, mediators for 17-year long-term outcomeHanna Punsvik Eielsen
The development and validation of an ISTDP pscyhodiagnostic questionnaireMikkel Eielsen
Treatment of Persistent Depressive Disorders: Trajectories and mechanisms of changeLinne Melsom