Inspired by statistics and analysis

The Research Institute at Modum Bad had a visit in the second week of August from professors Patrick Curran and Dan Bauer from the USA.

Nyhetsartikkel publisert 22/08/19

The two professors, Daniel Bauer (from left) and Patrick Curran (second from the right) from North Carolina, USA, provided a week-long teaching session for researchers at Modum Bad. Here, they are represented by research leader KariAnne Vrabel and analysis chief Pål Ulvenes (far right).

The professors conducted a seminar on advanced statistics and modeling while also offering guidance on Modum Bad’s ongoing research projects.

“With highly professional expertise, effective pedagogical methods, and a touch of warmth, along with numerous references to Monty Python, they managed to elevate all participants to an advanced and complex level,” says research leader KariAnne Vrabel.


Patients at Modum Bad dedicate considerable time and energy to filling out questionnaires before, during, and after treatment.

“All these data provide a unique opportunity to generate new insights into what works in psychotherapy. To acquire this knowledge, we must treat patients and their data with the respect they deserve. This involves, among other things, using sophisticated, advanced statistics that we have now been trained in. The goal is to find answers to all the questions we have about psychotherapy,” says Vrabel.

Seminar participants gained valuable insights into statistics and analysis.


Complicated equations appeared on the screen during Daniel Bauer’s instruction.

– Inspiring

Seminar participant and therapist Ellen Kjærulf Jepsen was very pleased with Curran and Bauer’s teaching.

“The seminar has been both inspiring and uplifting. It has given me a very good insight into statistics and analysis. Although I don’t understand every detail they talked about, I now have a much better foundation for communicating with a statistician in my research work.”

– Impressive Collaboration

“It has been wonderful to be at this beautiful place, Modum Bad, for an entire week. Not least, it has been fascinating to hear about the close and excellent collaboration between the clinic and research here. It is impressive,” says Patrick Curran.

“Have you had a receptive audience?”

“The seminar participants have been excellent. They have followed well and posed challenging questions,” says Daniel Bauer.


Modum Bad’s senior researchers with the two lecturers. Front, from left: Analysis chief Pål Ulvenes, research leader KariAnne Vrabel, Daniel Bauer, Patrick Curran, and Bruce Wampold. Back, from left: Sverre Urnes Johnsen, Asle Hoffart, and Terje Tilden.


The Research Institute is now working on how to continue this knowledge in all ongoing projects.

“We still need to ensure a high level of professionalism when expertise, warmth, and Monty Python references are on their way back to the USA,” concludes Vrabel.

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