Offering Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorder

Ved Modum Bad startes høsten 2020 et prosjekt for intensiv behandling av overspisningslidelse.

Nyhetsartikkel publisert 04/03/20

Psychologist Maren Kopland (left) and psychologist specialist/research director KariAnne Vrabel aim to provide individuals with binge-eating disorder a treatment option.


Update 20.03.21:

PS! Modum Bad has offered treatment for binge-eating disorder during a project period but unfortunately cannot continue to provide this treatment.


— Binge-eating disorder is a serious eating disorder, actually the most widespread. However, treatment options are lacking, says KariAnne Vrabel and Maren Kopland. The two psychologists affiliated with the Department of Eating Disorders at Modum Bad want to contribute to an increased treatment offering for this patient group. — Those struggling with binge-eating disorder are often left to themselves because they do not receive the right help from the healthcare system, says Vrabel. — They either have not been in contact with the healthcare system due to shame associated with their condition, or they only receive follow-up from the somatic part of the healthcare system when they actually need psychotherapy.

Must have the diagnosis

— The treatment offering starts in November 2020. However, we invite patients for an initial stay in May where they will be further assessed. Then we can determine if the treatment is suitable for them, and patients can reflect on whether this is an offer they want to accept, says Kopland. For the treatment to be relevant, patients must struggle with binge-eating disorder. They must also have attempted outpatient treatment or treatment in specialized healthcare.

The Treatment

— What does the treatment involve?
— The treatment lasts for eight weeks. During the admission, patients will receive structured psychotherapeutic treatment. The treatment will focus on cognitive and compassion-focused therapy, says Vrabel. Many of those struggling with this condition have a high degree of body shame and self-disgust. This often triggers fear or anxiety when they try to take care of themselves in good ways, says Kopland. Therefore, it becomes important in the treatment to learn to relate to one’s own body and show self-care. In addition, it becomes important to practice being sad, angry, anxious, instead of numbing these feelings by eating large amounts of food to forget the discomfort.


The treatment approach is group-based. There will be eight patients in the group, starting and ending together.
— The patient will need to actively participate in both individual and group sessions. During the treatment period, the patient will also respond to diagnostic interviews and questionnaires that are part of the regular treatment routine at Modum Bad.

How to Refer?

— Who can refer the patient to this treatment program?
— This can be done by a general practitioner, psychologist, psychiatrist, or specialized healthcare services (DPS or equivalent).
— How is the application submitted?
— By mail or through the health network as an electronic referral marked “BED.”
— Does the treatment cost anything for the patient?
— No, it is free of charge for the patient.

Contact us for any question:

KariAnne Vrabel: 32 74 94 68
Maren Kopland: 32 74 94 79


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