Launch of specialization program

Wednesday the 11th of january, the new specialization program in psychotherapy kicked off at Modum Bad.

Nyhetsartikkel publisert 27/01/17

Nytt spesialiseringsprogram i psykoterapi ble igangsatt 12. januar. Her fra første kursdag hvor assisterende forskningsleder Terje Tilden underviser.

The new specialization program in psychotherapy kicked off at Modum Bad with 19 psychologists hitting the books. – More opportunities for participation will be available through a new admission process in the fall, says leader Jorunn Tangen Hole at Kildehuset.


“The lectures are inspiring, and I have already learned a lot,” says psychologist Kjetil Hodne, one of the participants in the first meeting at Kildehuset. Hodne works as a psychologist at Vinderen DPS in Oslo. The specialization program was exactly what he had been looking for.
– I work with ‘Raskere tilbake’ and was looking for further education with relevant topics suitable for my job. This course is broad, method-independent, and focuses on skill training, which is important for me,” says Hodne.

 Bruce Wampold underviser studentene i Kildehuset.

Bruce Wampold i samtale med psykolog Kjetil Hodne fra Vinderen DPS.

-Proft opplegg

Vidi Dahl-Bruheim

Research director at Modum Bad, Bruce Wampold, was among the lecturers at the first meeting. The American professor is internationally known for his books on psychotherapy. He is actively involved in identifying factors that create good therapy. “I like Wampold’s humility. He creates a sense of security and a good atmosphere,” says Hodne. Psychologist Vidi Dahl-Bruheim at Østfold Youth and Family Center – Care (Buf-etat) agrees. “The teaching is good, and the setup is professional. We can sense that there is professional expertise behind it, and it is conveyed in a straightforward manner,” she says. After several years in the field, the psychologist felt the need to know more about the therapy she is engaged in. -I wanted to articulate what works. There is not just one way to conduct therapy. The common factors are crucial – and it is important to be flexible and interact with patients. This course was exactly what I was looking for,” says Dahl-Bruheim.


The new program’s theme is precisely how to become a good therapist and how to make therapy work as effectively as possible. It is a fact that some therapists achieve better results with patients than others. What do they actually do to achieve these results? And what can be learned from it? -Since there is a short distance between clinical treatment and research at Modum Bad, the conditions are well-suited for learning. People who are experts in their therapy models will participate in the course. Their teaching will clearly show how they work with central processes in therapy,” says Assistant Research Director Terje Tilden. Tilden lectured at the first meeting in addition to Bruce Wampold. In addition to the two, Professor Asle Hoffart and researchers Sverre Urnes Johnsen, Pål Ulvenes, KariAnne Vrabel, and Harald Bækkelund will lecture in the upcoming sessions. They will all contribute to teaching from process research in their respective areas: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, and family therapy.

A total of 19 psychologists are engaged in the specialization program.

Pauseprat i Kildehuset.

New admission

A total of 19 psychologists are engaged in the specialization program. The program is approved by the Norwegian Psychological Association as a specialization program in the field of psychotherapy. It spans two years with five gatherings each year. Each gathering consists of two days of courses and personal experience. In addition, a third day of guidance is offered. “In the fall, there will be a new admission of students who will join the ongoing sessions and then catch up on the first two sessions later,” informs Jorunn Tangen Hole.

Learn more about the course and sign up for the next admission here.



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