From today’s therapy rooms to the future of psychotherapy

Tailored treatment and therapist development are among the topics on the agenda when the Research Institute at Modum Bad invites you to a themed evening at the Literature House in Oslo on April 17th.

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Forskerne Mikkel Eielsen, KariAnne Vrabel og Joanna Rzadkowska i samtale på Forskningsinstituttet til Modum Bad.

Researchers Mikkel Eielsen, KariAnne Vrabel, and Joanna Rzadkowska in conversation at the Research Institute at Modum Bad. Mikkel Eielsen (left) and Joanna Rzadkowska (right) will both give presentations during the event at the Literature House. Here in conversation with research leader KariAnne Vrabel (in the middle).

–”We believe this will be an exciting evening about the future of psychotherapy,” says research leader KariAnne Vrabel. The presentations on the agenda this evening are based on research at Modum Bad.

“We invite you to glimpse a bit into the future”

– “We conduct research that can impact clinical practice going forward. This may influence professionals working within mental health care”, says Vrabel.

Into the Future

Along with the rest of the research staff at Modum Bad, she invites you to glimpse a bit into the future through short, engaging talks. Among other topics, tailored treatment and choosing the best treatment via machine learning are on the agenda. ‘We will also explore therapist development and the integration of therapy and work. How therapists should meet patients with both psychological and economic challenges is also a topic this evening at the Literature House,’ says Vrabel.

The Research Institute at Modum Bad collaborates nationally and internationally with renowned professionals and researchers.

Extensive Experience

Modum Bad har omfattende erfaring innen behandling av psykiske lidelser og tilbyr et bredt spekter av tjenester og behandlingsprogrammer. Sykehuset er spesialisert på depresjon, angst, spiseforstyrrelser, avhengighet, traumer og familiebehandling.

“We conduct research that can impact clinical practice going forward”

“Our research institute collaborates nationally and internationally with recognized professionals and researchers in mental health, psychotherapy, and treatment methods,” says Vrabel. “Those contributing with lectures are affiliated with the research institute, and the topics are related to ongoing research projects at the institute.”



April 17th


Literature House in Oslo, Nedjma Hall Free entry.


5:30 PM Welcome by research leader KariAnne Vrabel

5:45 PM Help, I want to be a better therapist! Therapist development at Modum Bad by doctor and PhD candidate Mikkel Eielsen

6:00 PM One size doesn’t fit all. How to choose the best treatment with the help of machine learning by psychologist specialist and PhD candidate Karine Frost

6:15 PM Coordinated Search. Pilot project Young Depressed into Work by doctor and PhD Ingunn Bjarnadottir Solberg 6:30 PM Can’t we just give them money? Therapists in meeting with economically struggling families by psychologist specialist and PhD candidate Joanna Rzadkowska

6:45 PM Break

7:00 PM The future of psychotherapy research by clinic leader Pål Ulvenes

7:15 PM Ask what Modum Bad has given the world! – A reflection on the research contributions from Modum Bad over the years by Professor Helene Nissen-Lie, UiO

7:35 PM Brief summary and conclusion



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